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:bonndigital: Wir sind heute bei der #DIGITAL2018. Ich darf sogar einen Vortrag über Mastodon halten! Erstmal Buffet plündern. ;)

Sometimes I wish I would do something with wood. Just wood.

Colleagues from hell:
Communicating via Mail just using the Subject without salutation or something. In some cases I only get a screenshot sent. My mind has to puzzle the circumstances and what my colleague wants me to tell.

Mail bekommen, öffnen und dann klingelt das Telefon ob die Mail angekommen ist. Ahso. :)

Wer mal abseits von Rassismus den Verfall der Menschheit bzw. Hass sehen möchte sollte sich mal das Drachengame rund um den Drachenlord anschauen.

Warum nur nimmt Hass so Ausmaße an?

Haunting of the Hillhouse is a real scary series.

The last minutes of the first episode scared the hell out of me. Don't make the mistake and watch it before you go to bed.

"Wir überlassen den jüngeren Generationen eine Welt, randvoll mit Nationalisten und Nazis, Populisten und islamistischen Terroristen, vom Klimawandel und Umweltschäden nicht zu reden - aber das Smartphone ist schuld an den zunehmenden Depressionen der Jugend."

Sascha Lobo. Über die grassierende Smartphone-Kritik. Herrlich. ^_^

(via @Dankeschoen)

This year is reaching his end very fast. I feel like I already have to think about Christmas presents. 😯

Key-Value Store vs. Relational Database Concept:
What is the benefit of RDBMS? Key-Value seems to be faster and more flexible. But there has to be a reason to create entities with attributes in so detailed work.

I am thinking about switching my site to plain static . As I am using I will have a look to Site Generator Plugins. That would give a very good performance boost.

Seems like one of my wordpress plugins is totally slowing down my site with about 1 second. I hope it is not my mulitlangual plugin WPML.

Wow I did not recognize I have 193 followers on the . Real cool. :)

The "mastodon handshake" is when you follow someone and then they follow back, neither one of you exchanging any words.

The hall of fame of arrogant sayings I really heared in front of me:
"My diploma thesis could also pass as disseratation." (in context of talking about somebody's thesis)

"I haven't applied either." (in context of telling an arrogant person, that a common friend in the same industry got "the" job)

Hopefully I get better in avoiding such people in the future.

@trunk Please add me to Books, Chaos Computer Club, Cooking, Devops, Everyday Life, FLOSS, Free Software, Friendly People, Information Technology, Javascript, Linux, Mastodon, PHP, Programming, QA, Science Fiction, Technology, WordPress.

@mastohost @hugo Wouldn't it be a cool option if you offer single user mode instances?
So like somebody can book his own single user instance for let's 2 Euro/month?
Have you planned to offer Domains in some future?

Did you know that exists?

It's a new project where you can find people in the Fediverse and follow them by topic.

Also, you can request to be included. It's a really cool idea.

If you are new to Mastodon or you are looking for more interesting people to follow, you should check it out.

Seems like all my fellow villager are surfing throught or downloading from the internet. From my 50 MBit I get 10 Mbit at the moment. :-/

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Herzlich Willkommen auf der Mastodon-Instanz vom Technikblog! Hier ist jeder willkommen, solange er sich an - deutsches - geltendes Recht hält. Hier findest Du das Impressum.