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My mastodon instance server again run out of space. I really should install a cronjob...

Saturday I started to quit . Yesterday evening I had a very weak moment but I kept strong. It is my third attempt to quit smoking.

My ASUS Zenbook UX32VD is now 6 years old and besides the battery everything works fine as expected. Unfortunatley you cannot buy a new battery...

I have canceled my Berlin trip to the re:publica . My current bank account balance says it won't finance it three days... 😔

If I run lscpu on a VM I get 3 GHz, but this is - so I think - not the real clock speed or metric to rely on. Which is it then? CPU steal time or any other metric how I could rate my vCPU? And how would you take this in relation for example to a 800 MHz CPU?

What does do if the instance of a User whom I follow is down for a longer time. Does it unfollow/delete or do anything else? @Gargron Or can the instance come up even after a year and everything is as before?

I am bavck online and successfully migrated to a new server. That was quite a pain as I had to figure out how to force precompiling the assets. Maybe this is a failure of the Migration Guide but I am not sure, so I had to repeat the migration with a test environment.

What do you mean are the minimum requirements of Mastodon regarding RAM for a single hosted instance? 512MB should be enough, shouldn't it?

The cloud act defines server from USA companies to US embassies (US laws apply on german servers if they are run by an US company). Or am I getting something wrong?

You cannot group more than 21 virtual machines in into one group. Now I have to really clean up which created machines I don't need anymore.... I'll postpone that :D With 21 the view is clearly enough for me.

I am still alive, but there was no motivation to toot anything in the last three weeks...

We now monitor our bandwidth of ports of the switches to identifiy if somebody slows down the internet connection due to heavy downloads with PRTG and the free 100 sensors version... if I would have the time I would evaluate another solution... which is open source.

I am still alive, but I don't know what to toot about. It is like I have a toot blockade.

Got massive toothache from just one tooth which had one contact point during chewing. Dentist sharpened it so it had four contact points. Never thought that such a thing can cause so much pain...

"In perhaps the creepiest example, Facebook applied for (and received, last year) a patent for a tool called Techniques, for emotion detection and content delivery. It would use the camera in your phone to take pictures of you as you scroll through content. Facebook would then use facial analysis to measure how much you did or did not like the content in question, so as to determine what kind of stuff to send your way."

Just saw in cinema. Before I read the book. For those one who doesn't read it: Great movie, characters are little bit to flat, but awesome animations. is worth it! For those who know the book it is like: OMG. WTF.
Leaning on the book is said very very nicely.

Wow, Cloudflare launched an own DNS-Resolver which will be checked by KPMG of data privacy.

So let's open the router interface and enter and

Installing Keepass2 running Ubuntu is a pain in the Ass if you want to use Kee as Firefox-Addon to automatically get the login credentials inserted.

Are you Ready Player One?

Just read the Level 10 and it really ties me to read further. Also I am learning many things about there Eigthies. 🎮💾📼

Next week the movie launches in Germany. I am excited how Steven Spielberg and Ernest Cline formed it.

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