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Seems like all my fellow villager are surfing throught or downloading from the internet. From my 50 MBit I get 10 Mbit at the moment. :-/

Why does somebody change the cell phone number without a good reason (telephone terror or what else)? You don't have to do that...

Sometimes PHPStorm is confused and wants me to phpdoc the usage of $this. Makes no sense and after generation and deleting it, PHPStorm is satisfied.

Tested for you: "do-realse-upgrade" on 16.04 LTS to 18.04 LTS breaks your instance. Had to precompile assets and delete the vendor-directory which paid out in success after bundler install.

Maybe there was another thing todo, I checked if all dependencies were still installed. (find it here:

Cool, dass Ihr @vrnetworld auf seid. :) Fortschrittlich. Ich weiß noch damals haben wir unsere Homepage bei Euch gehostet. Bin mir nich mehr sicher ob das Ende der 90er war oder doch erst Anfanger 2000er. :)

CalmAV has just needed 19 days to scan our QNAP NAS. But we don't need a faster one...

Auf Mastodon scheint keiner gerade zu schauen oder? 😁

Hey Fediverse, ich brauche mal etwas crowd-knowledge.

Kennt jemand ein #Berufskolleg das #LibreOffice und/oder #Linux benutzt? Es geht mir um einen Erfahrungsaustausch.

Ich dürft den Beitrag gerne boosten um die Reichweite etwas zu erhöhen.


Kennt ihr XMPP-Server, die auch als Tor Onion-Service erreichbar sind? Ich würde meine Liste gern ausbauen:

Cc: @torproject

#xmpp #jabber #tor

Does anybody of you also play currently? What is your opinion? Does it reach the cool and old ? 🤔

It seems like it is a common monday. Master-Database was offline and after that our Slave denies our logins.
But besides that everything is fine :)

Menschen, die sich selbst nicht so furchtbar wichtig nehmen, sind eine große Bereicherung für mein Leben. Zusammen über die eigenen Unzulänglichkeiten zu lachen, wenn auch manchmal verzweifelt, ist sehr befreiend.

I want to measure my power consumption with the helpt of our "old" Ferraris electric meter. I found several solutions with Arduino and Raspbery Pi on the internet. But I have a more fundamental problem: Who do I provide the power for the Arduino or Raspberry? There is no power plug close by. So what solution is possible which can be removed if I move out of my rented apartment? I have no fear of electronic consturctions but no clue what is possible.

I am somebody who has to learn to say "no". I am getting better every month. 😊

Shit, I had configured my certbot to only check once a month for certificates renewal what led to expiration on my mastodon instance. Once a month is not frequent enough and certbot does only renew certificates which are due to renewal. Lesson learned. 😞

Has somebody of you knowledge about VPN and computer compliance? We are discussing this at our company and we would be happy if employees only can grant access via VPN if for example windows updates are up2date, defender is running, and a few things more.

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Herzlich Willkommen auf der Mastodon-Instanz vom Technikblog! Hier ist jeder willkommen, solange er sich an - deutsches - geltendes Recht hält. Hier findest Du das Impressum.