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Laravel is a cool Framework. It is amazing how fast for example you can create a basic blog with it.

Is there something like Sport-Tracking as ? Or could that be a great new project garnished with ActivityPub for Federation?

Watching some YouTube-Videos to know how to replace my crankset with a new One. Just waiting for the postmail delivering the crank puller. (Waiting pays out, crank puller on the internet: 4 Euro, on local store: 13 Euro).

Has anybody of you changed a yellow Power Jack of a Lenovo ? Are they different in some Models?

Admins. Please forget about changing your SSH port. It's just annoying to have non-standard SSH ports, and it does not really help protect your system.

This is so-called "security by obscurity", which should be abandoned.

Better keep the standard port and configure SSH key login only / disable password authentication.

This is the serious sh*t you should do. Not change your SSH port and log into your root account via a weak user password and another weak su password.

#imho #linux #servers

Air conditioning for our server room (or do you say comms room?) is not that easy topic as I thought. The room should be cooled. That's it, I thought.

Does anybody have a link (book/video tutorial) recommendation for learning where you use multiple virtual machines and do not use DevStack? It seems to mee that this isn't the best learning environment as I have to extend an existing cloud with additional compute nodes...

I have calculated my average data usage and it is about 1,7 Gigabyte in a month. So as my mobile contract ends in one month, my new Contract only contains 2GB data instead of 4GB.

(Yes Germany is one of the most expensive countries in Europe or more specific our mobile providers are the most grasping Ones regarding Europe)

The main problem with Github being bought by Microsoft isn't MS.

It's that in 2018 we still haven't learned that critical infrastructure shouldn't belong to one company ... and that we should avoid building single points of failure.

Is there already such a Thing like a federated Gitlab or better something which is Free Software?

I realized that I never wrote my #introductions, so here it goes.

I'm a Python programmer working on open source. After hours I do whatever is my current obsession, so far I have gone through: #wiki, #drawing, #typography, #roguelike #gamedev, #pygame, miniature #painting, #tinwhistle and #ocarina music, #arduino, walking #robots, #rcheli, #electronics, #microbit, #micropython, #circuitpython, homebrew game handhelds.

I love #scifi #books and #manga (no patience to watch tv/shows).

Pursuit of Happiness. Something I have to remind myself of. What makes you happy? 😊

BTW: The movie is worth seeing. 😉

What would you say: Build your own Temperatur Measurment with an Raspberry Pi for the server room, buy a smart home solution or an expensive IP Thermometer?

Forgot to drink enough what welcomed headache. Silly me.

After having trouble with a disconnected CIFS-mount ( Storagebox) which caused a heavy load average by apache (state D, waiting of the IO for Nextcloud) my load average stays at 1.18... but before it was at 0.18. What irritates me is that the CPUs barely reach 10% and nevertheless the load average is over 1.00.

I love shopping courses on Udemy. This time my focus is on networks (wireshark, nmap, vlans and so on)

Ok... locked down the registration for my mastodon instance due to the /#DSGVO. I have no clue at this time what to do to be compliant. If I know what to do and write in a data privacy notice I will reopen registration. Moreover no one registered besides me until now and my instance is running since two months. But that's ok. I will do the /#DSGVO needed stuff. ;-)

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Herzlich Willkommen auf der Mastodon-Instanz vom Technikblog! Hier ist jeder willkommen, solange er sich an - deutsches - geltendes Recht hält. Hier findest Du das Impressum.