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After having trouble with a disconnected CIFS-mount ( Storagebox) which caused a heavy load average by apache (state D, waiting of the IO for Nextcloud) my load average stays at 1.18... but before it was at 0.18. What irritates me is that the CPUs barely reach 10% and nevertheless the load average is over 1.00.

I love shopping courses on Udemy. This time my focus is on networks (wireshark, nmap, vlans and so on)

Ok... locked down the registration for my mastodon instance due to the /#DSGVO. I have no clue at this time what to do to be compliant. If I know what to do and write in a data privacy notice I will reopen registration. Moreover no one registered besides me until now and my instance is running since two months. But that's ok. I will do the /#DSGVO needed stuff. ;-)

On Friday I will remove my anonymized Tracking from my blog because of . I don't want to be the precedent for that. Hopefully a the german Federal Court of Justice will render a judgement for the legitimate interest in tracking the visitors on websites. Anonymously of course.

Bicycle tour to my work successfully completed. Time needed: 1h 33m. Difference in attitude: 300m (says Google).

Now I only have to get back. 😂

El Profesor - Bella Ciao (HUGEL Remix) -

It is my favorite since a few days. Watched Money Heist (orig. La Case de Papel, german: Haus des Geldes).

It creates such an atmosphere always hold together. (more in the original video than this, remix, but you can dance better to Hugelx Remix).

OTRS now separates his Ticket-Software in OTRS (formerly known as OTRS Business Solutions) and OTRS Community Edition (the free one, formerly just called OTRS). For now OTRS CE has a dedicated Website: I think this is a good step as a newbie was often overstrained with the former website of OTRS. Me included.

What is your opinion: Is the IP adress a personal related date or not?

My two cents: No, because most of the internet connections get a new IP adress after 24 hours.

Es war eine wundervolle #GPN18! Es ist dieses Jahr sehr Portrait-lastig geworden, danke für das Vertrauen, dass ich von euch Bilder machen durfte. Das ganze Album gibt's auf Flickr:

Automatic income sorting, deleting spam and related.
I love virtual (smart) folders for sub projects

@christopher ich versuche es mit sortieren, aber bei manchen emails verzweifel ich immer in welchen ordner ich das tun soll, sodass sie im posteingang bleiben xD unwichtige mails lösche ich ^^

Which type of managing your (e-)mailbox are you? Do you strongly delete, archive it or just let in your inbox?

No backup - no pity.
My Database was corrupted on my and my backup is week old. Ok it is not the worst, but how should I know which Passwords are missing? That should be three or four. It is time to run more often, let's say twice a day.

I am waiting for the Android Oreo Update for my Galaxy S7 Edge. I would install but I couldn't find out if the "Always On"-Display-Feature is supported by LineageOS. It is an important feature for me quickly watching the time while I am shortly awake at night or just wanting to know the time.

Hmpf. I have a failure in my nginx apache2 reverse proxy construct. But I don't get it if. Maybe i should just run nginx.

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Herzlich Willkommen auf der Mastodon-Instanz vom Technikblog! Hier ist jeder willkommen, solange er sich an - deutsches - geltendes Recht hält. Hier findest Du das Impressum.