Lumbar disc herniation confirmed with MRI 😪 only thing positive is I will have more time to cycle

Gibt es eigentlich ein freies OS für eReader? Like, Lineage OS für mein Tolino?^^

@publicvoit interessant, wahrscheinlich weil energieintensive Produktionen still stehen?

After 7 years my Google Chromecast has done his duty in home. Put it on eBay, because a TV with integrated Chromecast has made my good old friend obsolete. But a very solid peace of hardware! Unfortunately it became remarkable tech hardware lasts that long in our century.

Sometimes I write things on my ToDo list I have already done to cross it out directly. 🙈

I have a question: If I create a redirection link like which redirects to do I have to display a redirection page with the target url? Otherwise the user would have no clue about getting to amazon and would violate the , wouldn't it?

Colleagues often want as to give an estimation about how long a development will take. The problem is they often do not exactly know what they want and the devil is in the details.

A colleague is celebrating his birthday with three pretzels for the whole company.

It is super delicious.

I am back in coding after 1 year of parental leave. I hadn't time to code in that time. But it is interesting how fast you can get back on that topic after that long pause. Okay some advantages helped me: I read several newsletters of , (@helloanselm) , and some others to have a clue about searching of features.

@computertruhe @icho40 ich glaube viele haben so einen alten Switch im der Schublade rumfliegen 😁

tips for newcomers

follow, boost and fave all you like! we don't care about follow ratios and faves are private. go hog wild!

boosting your own posts is 100% ok. no shame. the TL is chronological, so there's no algorithm to fight.

please do use CWs. if in doubt, use one just to be safe.

hashtags are your friends and really the only effective way to search for posts. be sure to use them to maximize your reach.

don't be afraid to engage. dumping pictures is fine but stay and chat a bit too! is that proofed by some others? 😳

@Sascha da müssen die Entwickler noch nachziehen. @Tusky kann es auch leider noch nicht.

@Sascha Jau, vor ein paar Stunden frisch die Instanz geupdatet auf die neuste Version. Da gibbet jetzt Audio für Mastodon :) Hier läufts ganz gut in der Elternzeit. Wir kommen mit der B(r)eikost immer weiter voran 💪

@Feuerwaechter alter Verwalter, wo ist das denn wann passiert? das ist ja mal noch super glimpflich gelaufen.

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