A colleague is celebrating his birthday with three pretzels for the whole company.

It is super delicious.

Yesterday we were at the Dino Park Münchehausen (Germany) where I saw the . It was an amphibian looking like a crocodile. Didn't know something like that exists. But was not the only time I thought this. 😅

I have calculated my average data usage and it is about 1,7 Gigabyte in a month. So as my mobile contract ends in one month, my new Contract only contains 2GB data instead of 4GB.

(Yes Germany is one of the most expensive countries in Europe or more specific our mobile providers are the most grasping Ones regarding Europe)

After having trouble with a disconnected CIFS-mount ( Storagebox) which caused a heavy load average by apache (state D, waiting of the IO for Nextcloud) my load average stays at 1.18... but before it was at 0.18. What irritates me is that the CPUs barely reach 10% and nevertheless the load average is over 1.00.

Are you Ready Player One?

Just read the Level 10 and it really ties me to read further. Also I am learning many things about there Eigthies. 🎮💾📼

Next week the movie launches in Germany. I am excited how Steven Spielberg and Ernest Cline formed it. mastodon.bitpage.de/media/2NSN

Gerade ist auch die ct mit dem Interview mit @Gargron über @Mastodon eingetroffen. Es stellt nochmal klar heraus was für Vorteile das dezentrale Netzwerk hat. mastodon.bitpage.de/media/Htdq

Le me soldered the atom DIY soldering kit of the german electronic retailer Pollin. It was quite fun. I will write about it in my blog. It had a really good manual for beginners. I am not that bloody beginner but also not advanced in soldering. What about you? Do you also do soldering as hobby or would you like to learn it? 😃 mastodon.bitpage.de/media/c-Bf


Das Sonoff Ding wird natürlich geflasht und dann mit openHAB gesteuert. :)


Herzlich Willkommen auf der Mastodon-Instanz vom Technikblog Bitpage.de! Hier ist jeder willkommen, solange er sich an - deutsches - geltendes Recht hält. Hier findest Du das Impressum.