What is your opinion about online pharamcy / chemist / drugstore like?

@christopher Nice if you live in a remote area or village w/o a pharmacy, but stupid in a city where there's a pharmacy at every street corner.

@NeoTheThird I don't know if it is stupid in a city. Yes I live in a real small village. I see the problem, that you need a pharmacy nearby. But everything you don't need instantly, why not order online?

@christopher As long as there's still a diverse market, i guess it's ok. But with the way this usually goes on the internet, without government regulation, there might only be one online pharmacy left. Imagine Amazon got into the market (or are they already?). They can easily outperform any competitor. Imho, that is a worrying and not very unlikely scenario.

@christopher Sure it's handy to be able to order this stuff online, but then we should make sure that the offline-competition is somehow protected in a way that is in the best interest of the patient (we probably shouldn't use the word consumer for people who *need* medical supplies).

@christopher It's not like the situation as it is now in Germany doesn't has it's fault, of course. Before I moved to Munich, where it feels like there's more pharmacies than people, I lived in a village of <1500 souls where the pharmacy closed in 2010. Definitely not ideal.

@NeoTheThird @NeoTheThird I agree that local pharmacies should stay and have their benefit. In my opinion they have their advantage that patient need their meds urgently and not in a few days. If you look at the non-prescriptive meds there is a huge range of prices I cannot get this explained. Eventough the evolution of pharmacy is visible distared: has a local pharmacy vending machine and the other pharmaciest just have fear of losing the competition.

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