Le me soldered the atom DIY soldering kit of the german electronic retailer Pollin. It was quite fun. I will write about it in my blog. It had a really good manual for beginners. I am not that bloody beginner but also not advanced in soldering. What about you? Do you also do soldering as hobby or would you like to learn it? 😃

In my time in the military I was trained to solder to NASA specs. Over the years I don't solder that much anymore and my skills are rusty. I am still pretty good with an iron.

Until recently, I made my own electric fence chargers based on a design by Richard Perez, the editor of Homepower magazine. It was a multivibrator with with 2 adjustable states driving an automotive coil. I decided that my time could be better spent elsewhere and purchase them now.

@DistroJunkie Sounds pretty cool! Soldering NASA Specs probably means it is meant to last to eternity 😊

If you don't enjoy it or is way to time affordable, buying it instead of DIY is the better alternative.

They inspected our soldered joints with a magnifying glass. The tiniest imperfection was cause for rework.

I enjoyed it but actually it was the repairing after lightning strikes that made it so time consuming. It's just easier to have the brand that I use repair theirs. Doesn't cost much and saves me a bunch of time.

@christopher I learned how to solder when I got deep into the hobby of building my own keyboards. It's a lot of fun to solder. :)

@hund your own keyboards? Wow, how have you done that? I mean complete yourself?

@christopher It's not as complicated as it sound. You can actually buy parts like PCBs and all that. But if you want it to be even more DIY, you can buy just a pro micro, custom order plates[1] and then handwire everything.

And you don't need to write the firmware from scratch, you can use the QMK firmware and create your own layout with whatever matrix you went with and all that. :)


@hund very cool! But how about the keys? Or did you only used rubberdome? I mean if you want to have Cherry MX switches, can you order them as parts? and where do you order them? aliexpress?

@christopher Rubberdomes? Hell no. :D You can buy switches from various places. from Germany is one of many places. You can find a lot of stuff for cheap on Aliexpress too, but the shipping is slow from there. :)

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