Christopher Piontek

Key-Value Store vs. Relational Database Concept:
What is the benefit of RDBMS? Key-Value seems to be faster and more flexible. But there has to be a reason to create entities with attributes in so detailed work.

@kensanata For Transactions and "better models" could Hydrators be implemented who perform the translation into the object models in the programming language. I don't exactly know how integrity is affected from key value store.

@christopher you're saying "X could automatically translate between the two models" and for an RDBMS the answer would be "SQL could translate between the two models". So now the question is: is X easier to learn, less error prone, easier to maintain, etc. Also, if X can provide the features a RDBMS provides out of the box: isn't it a RDMBS? If it isn't: are you going to reimplement it all, eventually?

@kensanata good point not to reimplement an RDBMS.
We have the problem at our company that some tables have already reached the maxium of possible attributes a table can have. And nobody is aware of the attributes which are needed anymore and nobody wants to delete them. My knowledge about databases is limited... but there is an architectural problem.

@christopher Well, a big database is like a big code base and if multiple applications get access to the database, then the entire schema acts as an interface. There architectural ways of solving these issues like there are for big code bases. But none of them are for free, unfortunately. Access control, views, automatically syncing schemas to source code such that compilers can spot dependency issues, and so on. It all requires infrastructure and effort and maintenance.

@christopher @kensanata one problem with key value which is very nicely exhibited by #pleroma is that huge redundancy in key value storage leads to amazingly fast database growth.
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