@mastohost @hugo Wouldn't it be a cool option if you offer single user mode instances?
So like somebody can book his own single user instance for let's 2 Euro/month?
Have you planned to offer Domains in some future?

@christopher The cost of an instance depends on many more factors than the number of users. Offering a €2/month instance is currently not possible. To do that, I would have to limit so much the resources that it would be impossible to federate with a reasonable number of users.

As for domains, it requires so much to comply with ICANN + allow DNS management, that I don't really think is the best use of my time.

Still we never know what the future brings, thanks for suggesting :)

@mastohost That was my fear, that there is no big difference hosting 1 user or 100 users, probably because of the overhead mastodon needs. My wishful thinking is everybody can secure his "Mastodon adress". Losing all followers would be the horror for me and I think there are many other people who think the same. Due to the overhead there should be an option in mastodon as software, users can secure his adress. Registering a Domain should not be that problem with an for example.

@christopher It's true running 1 is pretty much the same as running 100 user instance. The main problem is the number of followers and following, not so much the number of users, in most cases (concurrency can be an issue too).
Mastodon copies to the local storage+database everything the people you follow post, so that can lead to a big volume in your instance depending on the users you follow. Obviously you also need the resources to send that info to remote instances where you are followed.

@christopher So, the cost/resources of running a 1 user instance is usually much higher than a 100 user instance (cost per user that is).

As for using a ResellerAPI for domains, I use one on my hosting business in Portugal but I have WHMCS in front that deals with all DNS and compliance. If you don't have a software like that, you have to send users to create logins external to your site or build your own software. WHMCS or other software doesn't offer what I need to run

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