I want to measure my power consumption with the helpt of our "old" Ferraris electric meter. I found several solutions with Arduino and Raspbery Pi on the internet. But I have a more fundamental problem: Who do I provide the power for the Arduino or Raspberry? There is no power plug close by. So what solution is possible which can be removed if I move out of my rented apartment? I have no fear of electronic consturctions but no clue what is possible.

@christopher make an intermediate socket? Something like the included picture but with a power socket on the opposing side.

@christopher okay maybe just a stupid idea, but why not just add an extension cord with extra sockets?

@RyuKurisu I'll deliver a photo of my power meter. I don't know how I can add the power sockets (extension cord is a good idea) in the electrical panel so it can be nicely removed if I move out of my rented room. Also it is the question if I need the permission of the owner.

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