Is there something like Sport-Tracking as ? Or could that be a great new project garnished with ActivityPub for Federation?

@christopher Maybe I'm weird but I don't really want my sports-statistics to leave my phone. Ever.

@espen That's totally OK and not weird. I like to show my sport activities like bicycle tours I have made.

@christopher haha. Yeah, I could stretch to stuff like "ran for 75 minutes" or "total distance 15 km" but would prefer to keep the personal data. That said, I'd probably start using an opensource sportstracking app in a heartbeat.

Come to think of it, I need a "Libresportswatch" or something

@espen that was partly my intention to collect the data and store it myself and to have the choice which I would like to share (over Federation/Activity Pub).

@christopher there's AAT and BRouter on FDroid. I don't know how it works. Check for more info there.

I used one in the past that uploaded to Strava and other services, but i can't find it anymore.

@cristhyano @christopher maybe RunnerUp?
But the latest version seems to be unavailable on FDroid.

For my part, I wanted to get rid of Endomondo to keep my data on my own server. So I'm working on this personal project (to learn Python and React):
There is still a lot to do (see the issues 🙂) and for now I'm using an existing mobile app that stores the data locally, but it's a start.
And federation would be an great feature.

@christopher I had the same question yesterday when me and @kev were talking about gamifying our attempts to get back to running.

If there isn't one on @fdroidorg, maybe it can be a fun project to work on.

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