I have calculated my average data usage and it is about 1,7 Gigabyte in a month. So as my mobile contract ends in one month, my new Contract only contains 2GB data instead of 4GB.

(Yes Germany is one of the most expensive countries in Europe or more specific our mobile providers are the most grasping Ones regarding Europe)

@christopher Sweden isn't that great either when it comes to mobile broadband. We're very good at regular broadband though. But my cellphone provider wants ≈36€ for 30GB.. I pay ≈9,66€ for 1GB data.

@hund are you living in Sweden? Clearly it is also a factor how good the infrastructure is what makes it more expensive, which is good, if you get reliable speed.

@christopher Yes. It works flawlessly, but it's not an excuse for expensive data plans.

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