What would you say: Build your own Temperatur Measurment with an Raspberry Pi for the server room, buy a smart home solution or an expensive IP Thermometer?

@SunDancer That's true. We had an older D Link Smart Hub as Gateway and a Motion Sensor (with Temp.) but you cannot trigger it with IFTTT for example to send an mail. You just can view it... in an app. A Website would at least be scrapable.

@christopher Or, go outside and feel the weather in real time. ;P

@hund translated to my scenario I just should go inside the server room and fell the temperature :D

@christopher buy a big porch thermometer and point a webcam at it for maximum laziness

@tomasino haha, yeah, that is a cool idea. But I would need an email alert if the temperature raises to detect malfunction of the air condition.

@kai @christopher BYOIoTT 😜

Build Your Own Internet of Things Thermometer 😎

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