Which type of managing your (e-)mailbox are you? Do you strongly delete, archive it or just let in your inbox?

@christopher Automated incoming sorting, yearly archive and delete the rest like hell.

@christopher ich versuche es mit sortieren, aber bei manchen emails verzweifel ich immer in welchen ordner ich das tun soll, sodass sie im posteingang bleiben xD unwichtige mails lösche ich ^^

Automatic income sorting, deleting spam and related.
I love virtual (smart) folders for sub projects

@christopher I have two main email accounts (plus a few others I don't really use!), and I manage them differently.
1) Used for signing up for accounts and newsletters only - this one I only open the ones I need/want to read, delete a few and leave the rest unread.
2) Used for important thing - this one I try to read everything and delete anything I don't need/want to keep.

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