@kkinder That is what plunged me long time from operating an own mailserver. But my interest in how a mailserver works increased and my requirement wishes for mail boxes also run bigger like "sent later"-mails, many GB mailspace, better Spam-Detection (does SpamAssasin really learn from Mails I flag?) and server side filter rules.

@christopher I would be really surprised if you manage better spam detection than a service. SpamAssassin does use bayesian filtering (something I have some experience with), but that's 20 year old technology.

"Send later" is a pretty exotic feature, but most mail as a service providers should give you pretty decent server-side filtering.

The problem with rolling your own mail server is that it'll be hard to host, among other things.

@kkinder My hope would be that rspamd does a better job than SpamAssassin does. Server-Side filtering is indeed my priority. "Send later" is more nice to have. You definitly convinced me to rethink hosting myself. :)

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