No backup - no pity.
My Database was corrupted on my and my backup is week old. Ok it is not the worst, but how should I know which Passwords are missing? That should be three or four. It is time to run more often, let's say twice a day.

@christopher Web history then good memory recall ? :) Or punish yourself by reseting all of them - I'd probably do that just to keep beating myself up.

@nma luckily I had opened my Keepass Database on my work computer I seldomly shutdown so there was an uptodate inmemory backup. But the last passwords I entered were on my servers. I guess mysql users or something.But it is a warning shot for me. Never thought KDBX-Databases can corrupt so easily. Repair function also had no effect.

Yeah I've had my password vault get corrupted. That's one of the reasons why I've still got a low entropy password for my email. If all else fails I can still reset all my passwords.

Recently I've started using Bitwarden and I've had no issues yet, besides the import of my vault which added an extra directory level. Easy to fix, but only on the website, not from within the app.

What I like about BW is that it is hosted but if I want to I can host it myself 🙂

@RyuKurisu @christopher Bitwarden self hosting is good. I use the third party ruby server implementation. Super lightweight and simple.

@christopher Have you heard of Borg Backup? It's great: deduplication, encryption, and you can even mount the backup for easy recovery of single files.

@Cheatha No. What is the advantage compared with RSnapshot? Encryption seems to be one, but as I store my backup on a HDD at home, it is not that high priority for me.

@christopher Deduplication: You'll save a lot of disk space. And it supports different compression algorithms like lzma and zst. And you can choose how detailed your backup repository should be. I chose 12 monthly, 8 weekly and 30 daily backups.

@Cheatha I see the main benefit is the compression of the backup, right? That would make your backup last longer. I will read more and think about exchange it with .

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