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@christopher the old "you're doing a fantastic job so we don't need to worry"

#FF RPI Edition
@w84death - asm/dev writes games for the pi
@djsundog - anything and everything.
@tinker - his new phone is going to rock
@tomasino - recently up and running on
pi zero.
@lx - knows setting up infrustructure / services and daemons (like isc bind etc)
@equal - recommends running pihole as an ad content filter.
@christopher - wants to connect to other raspberry pi friends
@uranther - Loves the pi ;)
@wim - if you want to set up mastodon or pleroma on the pi. This guy's done it.

If you haven't restored your Backup, you haven't done a Backup.

That's definitley true, but in a "small" company as I am working for, there is no time for that. Testing the Restoring of backups isn't an excuse for the management board as it doesn't pay the bills... :-/

In germany the states zip codes can belonge to more than one state. We love such problems, don't we?

Does sombody of you know when phpMyAdmin will support PHP 7.2?

Forgot saving the configuration to our new switch... even if knew to save it, I forgot it. It was practising my first switch setup. I guess that is the famous learning through pain.

Le me gave Monster Energy Rehab (Green Tea + Energy taste and caffeine) a try.
I don't like it. Green Tea is nothing you should mix in that direction. πŸ˜•

Live Hacking: I am thinking about doing a Live Hacking session at the next barcamp. Especially I want to show how dangerous a foreign USB-Stick put into your computer can be.
But I haven't so much time for preparation. Is there a simple Software, maybe Open Source, where you haven't to do much as just put a supported USB Stick in, write some code for executing commands as USB Keyboard when plugged in, and you are done?

There is a Personal Relationship Management self hostable called Monica. You can treat your friends and family like in an Business CRM. My first thought was: Why they hell should you do this? And then I read questions like "Can you remember the names of the children of all your friends? Can you remember the wedding anniversary of your brother? Can you tell the last time you called your grand mother [...] ?"

Do you think I should install LineageOS on my Galaxy S7 Edge?

Hey Coders, is there a good training example for Nested Sets?

Do the SEO link spammer already have noticed that they get follow links from ?

So to get link juice they could automatically fork every project and place theirs links in the Readmes. Through the Insights view of who forked a project they get internal link juice to their forked repos and pass it to their websites... I hope Github is aware of that

But nofollow would be a nogo for me. The real projects deserve being found by Google in the apropiate rank positions

Yeah fuck it. Something gone wrong during Extension of our Microsoft Exchange Online Plans so five mail accounts of our management board rejected every mail with a failure during the last hour. Normally that wouldn't be so dramatic, but you don't know how many hand written mails they even get from our employees... πŸ™ (Washington Post:She found a dating app on her boyfriend’s phone. Then she bought a samurai sword.)

When I read something like this, I don't know what is more terrible: somebody ignoring and emotional hurting his partner or the turn of love to hate to kill a human being. Rationally of course it is the attempt of murder, but I also had a girlfriend which was glued to her game and ignored me more and more which also felt like dying slowly from the emotional side.

@christopher But remember to immediately phone the receiver of the email you just wrote to. A classic approach. 😜

@Siedge Support did some network magic foo and now everything is fine. There had been a misconfiguration on their network I think.

Contacted the support but I already feel the mentally slaps on my face knowing the failure belongs on some of my configuration... But maybe there is a little chance they messed it up. 0.02%?

Today my package containing the Kingdian S200 60 GB SSD should arrive. I am going too stress test it with HeavyLoad writing let's say a week permanent on it and analyse the S.M.A.R.T. values. That will end up in a blog post (also in english besides german) and if the result is good I will place Ubuntu on it as alternative OS on my windows machine. In the long run I want to reconsider switching back on . But that is a process for me which has no exact appointed date.