tips for newcomers

follow, boost and fave all you like! we don't care about follow ratios and faves are private. go hog wild!

boosting your own posts is 100% ok. no shame. the TL is chronological, so there's no algorithm to fight.

please do use CWs. if in doubt, use one just to be safe.

hashtags are your friends and really the only effective way to search for posts. be sure to use them to maximize your reach.

don't be afraid to engage. dumping pictures is fine but stay and chat a bit too!

Yes! I am happy that @Gargron has implemented the audio upload feature! That is a great benefit for as social media network 👍

Yesterday we were at the Dino Park Münchehausen (Germany) where I saw the . It was an amphibian looking like a crocodile. Didn't know something like that exists. But was not the only time I thought this. 😅

Nach mehreren Dürreperioden geht Äthiopien neue Wege im Kampf gegen den Klimawandel.

Insgesamt sollen im Rahmen der »Green Legacy Initiative« der Regierung unter Premierminister Ahmed in den nächsten Wochen vier Milliarden Bäume gepflanzt werden.

I have decided to move my Images to Amazon S3... I think it is the best for my single user instance. I have deactivated directory listings, so private DMs should be save except someone finds a way to predict the URLs ^^

Does anybody know what is the best way to move the mastodon user on ubuntu to a mounted (online) volume so I can free some space on my storage? Move the user directory "mastodon" to the volume and set a hardlink? That's probably not possible. Sorry I am not that into to this topic.

My instance gets bigger and bigger... eventhough I delete remote cached media everyday. 🤔

Wow, my last toot was on 20th February. That is a long time. Should toot more about my sun which is my employer till next January. :D He can turn now from laying on the back to laying on his stomach. He is training very often so it should not take much long till he starts to crawl.

Since 6 weeks I am in parental leave. 10,5 months remaining.

Never tought it would such ups and downs in emotions.

But I get something no employer can afford: unconditional love.

Of course you need money to live, but money isn't everything.

Nodoy told me that Swype is abandonend... No wonder the interpretation of the flow gestures has annoyed me. Tried SwiftKey and its way better.

Today we have experienced drop outs from two HDDs in an RAID 5. Seems like it is a common issue that reinitializing the spare HDD causes so many stress on the other HDDs, so they also broke, if bought together.

RAID 1 probably would have been the better choice.

:bonndigital: Wir sind heute bei der #DIGITAL2018. Ich darf sogar einen Vortrag über Mastodon halten! Erstmal Buffet plündern. ;)

Sometimes I wish I would do something with wood. Just wood.

Colleagues from hell:
Communicating via Mail just using the Subject without salutation or something. In some cases I only get a screenshot sent. My mind has to puzzle the circumstances and what my colleague wants me to tell.

Mail bekommen, öffnen und dann klingelt das Telefon ob die Mail angekommen ist. Ahso. :)

Wer mal abseits von Rassismus den Verfall der Menschheit bzw. Hass sehen möchte sollte sich mal das Drachengame rund um den Drachenlord anschauen.

Warum nur nimmt Hass so Ausmaße an?

Haunting of the Hillhouse is a real scary series.

The last minutes of the first episode scared the hell out of me. Don't make the mistake and watch it before you go to bed.

"Wir überlassen den jüngeren Generationen eine Welt, randvoll mit Nationalisten und Nazis, Populisten und islamistischen Terroristen, vom Klimawandel und Umweltschäden nicht zu reden - aber das Smartphone ist schuld an den zunehmenden Depressionen der Jugend."

Sascha Lobo. Über die grassierende Smartphone-Kritik. Herrlich. ^_^

(via @Dankeschoen)

This year is reaching his end very fast. I feel like I already have to think about Christmas presents. 😯

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